Training is an essential part of our work. Depending on the audience and objectives we run tailored learning and interactive sessions - including conference speeches, workshops, executive training, webinars, CPD and facilitisation of business modelling sessions.

Sessions can be run in many languages anywhere around the world and make extensive use of the latest business model theory and case studies. Our consulting package for organisations normally includes workshops.

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Duration: 2 days
Workshops are designed for those who wish to gain an introduction to business models and work through case study examples of how firms have created high-growth businesses. This will help attendees innovate their own business models in order to disrupt competitors.

Our interactive workshops are designed to make leaders understand how a business model is formulated, map their companies business model as well as gain an understanding for how to improve it. Through a combination of presentations and exercises, participants will understand why business modelling is so important today, how to formulate and innovate a business model, and gain an understanding of different types.



Upon completion of a typical 2-day workshop you will be able to:

  • Understand why business modelling is increasingly important today Map the business model of your company and competitors
  • Understand the interrelationship between the nine business model elements
  • See how different revenue models relate to the business model
  • Understand how jobs-to-be-done is key to the creation of fast-growth companies and business model design
  • Understand how other companies have achieved success through business model innovation



Throughout the year we run webinars for business associations and sometimes open webinars that can be booked from this web page.


The Innovation Leaders Institute facilitates international partnerships between Industry, Government & Universities - working together to design & develop business models which promote a winning innovation & implementation process.

  • Our Business Model Transformation Program© accelerates the process from technology readiness through to commercialisation.
  • You will learn a breakthrough process that leverages global partnerships ensuring international success where you will be able to promote growth, investment, & job creation; build a successful business, and transform an organisation’s fortunes.
  • The six-day interactive program will demonstrate how to achieve faster growth & a durable competitive advantage. Throughout the three two-day workshops you will develop the key leadership skills needed for driving forward sustainable innovation where effective collaboration of multiple organisations is required.

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