Most companies understand that in order to grow they need to innovate. The problem is that the majority of firms take a disjointed approach to innovation instead of looking at the business as a system. This often results in investments in innovation not returning the expected value – leading to apathy and giving competitors time to improve their position.

Our business model innovation process takes the business as an integrated system. This allows us to help improve your business model to maximise growth, centering on customer needs. Our approach can be used to reshape businesses that are under stress or to improve an existing strategy. Our process enables us to determine whether R&D, M&A, new markets, new customers, new products or some other combination of activities will deliver more value and improve profitability and durability.

IIG offers a flexible and tailored range of services, so you can choose the support that’s most appropriate to your business and budget. Whether it’s a full scale business model development programme spanning six months, or a focused workshop over a single day, your consultant will help you make the choice that’s right for you and your business.

  • Tools and support to improve and strengthen your business.
  • See your innovation potential through new eyes using customer-centred innovation.
  • Transformational and incremental innovation delivering improved firm performance.
  • Stand out clearly from competition and avoid competing on price or features.
  • Enhance your brand and create a new company vision.




Some firms are not seeking transformational innovation, but instead need help developing their business from experts who fully appreciate how their sector works. There are a number of ways we can help
  • Benchmarking - show how successful firms have evolved to become market leaders by competitor and industry.
  • Turn ideas into investment-ready business plans with a suitable business model.
  • Map trends to identify how customer’s needs are changing and the STEEPLE challenges facing the business.
  • Advise on adjacency strategy to achieve a more competitive market position to realize growth and performance goals.
  • Identify new geographical markets, new customer groups and new product and service development.
  • International business development and supply chain improvement.
  • Mergers and acquisitions advice.
  • Workshops and innovation training.

We recognise that getting the business model right is vital for start-ups. The reality is that many start-ups fail in the first two years and only a small minority manage to build themselves into medium and large companies. Our work with entrepreneurs and supporting organisations is centred around improving success and growth rates. We work with government bodies, incubation centres and science and technology parks to help manage start-ups, as well as services direct to individual companies subject to some qualifying criteria. Please contact us for further details.
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