IIG was formed in 2009 after identifying that some firms were achieving substantial levels of growth with new business models while others were failing to realise their potential.

Our research shows that the reason new business models are making such an impact today is the pace of change; specifically the progression of technology, the shift of wealth to emerging economies, climate change, sustainability, the ageing population and social responsibility. These factors all play a role in changing customer expectations, and coupled with new pricing models, provide many opportunities to innovate.

Leading business schools have now recognised the potential, but a knowledge and skills gap exists within most firms of why and how to design better business models as the business environment changes around them.

We recognised that we could improve firm performance, and began training and educating leaders - working with them to design and implement new business models.

Our ongoing research alongside leading academics provides detailed insight into fast-growth and leading innovative companies around the world. We have developed an innovation methodology to help firms identify opportunities to improve their business models, and reduce the risk for investors.

Our methodology and expertise is not only for singular firms, but can be applied to social problems such as solutions for delivering products and services to the world’s 4 billion poor.


We continue to improve the way firms operate, solve business and social challenges and help more companies make substantial leaps in performance by adopting our business model innovation process. Developing new business models involves accurately identifying customer’s functional, social and emotional needs by understanding the jobs they are looking to get done and how they value satisfaction.

We do this by combining creative thinking with customer analysis, trend mapping, business strategy expertise and financial modelling, creating a powerful left-right brain innovation process that delivers.

We believe that many established firms would benefit from more creative and entrepreneurial thinking. In today’s fast changing business environment, the threat from agile new start-ups is real and increasing, and firms following incremental innovation based on past results are constraining themselves from achieving transformational growth. Innovation is often seen by C-level executives as a leap into the unknown, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Our role is not only helping firms identify and deliver new growth opportunities, but keeping the risk low through the innovation process.

For new businesses, we ensure the business model is clear from the business plan forwards. In the early stages of building the new company we help tune, prototype and validate the business model with customers before scaling the firm.


Business models are as important to start-ups as they are to multi-nationals and governments, so we have designed a range of strategic advice services for companies of all sizes, types and sectors. We also provide research and training to leading business schools and business associations around the world. We track trends and constantly monitor business model innovation globally so you can rely on our knowledge and expertise to build you a model that will outperform traditional methods of innovation.
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